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Buying our entire collection in one time

Koeiesteyn specializes in selling things from the past, but we also love change. Therefore we warmly welcome inquiries from those interested in buying our entire collection in one time. This will allow us to close our store for a period of time, build up a new collection and start afresh.


Koeiesteyn is well known all over the Netherlands for her unique collection of mostly 20th century European vintage. In our 300m2 store we sell a wide variety of goods. Think not just furniture, but also some antiques, silverware, old books, vintage sowing supplies, statues, ornaments, glassware, paintings, prints & documents, enamel, etc. It is rare to find such a diverse collection all in one place.

In the case of buying everything in one time we're talking about everything on the 150m2 ground flour, which hold most of our collection. And we really do mean EVERYTHING* on the ground floor, in- and outside.

Please contact us if you're interested.

*Except our for old and antique photographs

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