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Foto gemaakt door Anne-Roos Radings.



Koeiesteyn Antiek & Vintage
Molendijk 10
3235XG Rockanje
0181 403159

Wednesday t/m Friday

Who are we?
Dinie Barendregt

 Founder of Koeiesteyn Antiek & Vintage

I've always been fond of history. The first book I bought myself was "the world in a nutshell". I must have only been 8 or 9 years old, but I loved it. This love for history is still with me and reflected in work; I want to know about the person behind the item or photograph; what's THEIR story?

I'm also proud of the fact that our business is basically one of recycling. We all live in a consumer society, so I feel like giving old things a new owner and new life is a beautiful thing. It's important.

What I find amazing about my job is that it often takes me to places where one would not normally go. This adds an extra dimension to almost every holiday. There is an extra purpose for being there, and lots of beautiful stuff to take home! It doesn't matter whether it's England, China or India or that old cottage just behind the barn in the polder. Every place has things with soul.

Foto gemaakt door Anne-Roos Radings.
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